Collaboration drives the future of enterprise knowledge graphs

About us

Hanami is developed by Cognizone.Since 2015, Cognizone supports organisations to maximise their unique set of data by providing IT and Data Management services with a focus on Semantic and Knowledge Graph technologies, Linked (and Open) Data Integration and Publishing, Metadata, Thesauri and Controlled Vocabulary Management.Over the years, we engaged in projects dealing with Legislative, Labour Market and Enterprise Semantic Interoperability and successfully implemented industrial-strength solutions for a wide range of clients – from private companies to public stakeholders (the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Service central de législation of Luxembourg or the Federal Chancellery of Switzerland).

We stay driven by innovation!

The world moves on, technology follows closely and as organisations scale up in size, so does their data.With our latest endeavour, Hanami, we aim to provide a self-adapting data editor supported by automation algorithms. We wanted to “taste” AI, especially on the implementation level, to simplify the understanding and use of knowledge graphs, making the power of semantics more accessible.

Ready to get more?

We strive to empower organisations to harness and use their data even in challenging environments.

Read our report with insights about how Hanami can help your business benefit from Enterprise Knowledge Graph edition and how we believe that collaboration drives the future of Open and Linked Data.