Terms of Service

1. Editing of the website 2. Intellectual Property and Counterfeit 3. Limitations of liability4. Protection of personal information5. Responsible use of the Website6. Links7. Technologies used to improve browsing8. Applicable law and jurisdiction9. Contact

Terms of Service

Version 1.0 | October 2022

The following conditions of use are intended to provide a legal framework for the terms and conditions of provision of the services of the Hanami.app website (“Website”) and their use by the “User”. Please read them carefully, as by accessing the site, you acknowledge having read them and undertake to comply with them. Hanami.app reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time and without prior notice.

1/9. Editing of the website

The Hanami.app website is managed by the company Cognizone

Website publisher details:

Name: Cognizone B.V

Address: 79 Vijverstraat in B-3920 Lommel

VAT: BE 0634.615.174

Email: info@cogni.zone

The Hanami.app website is hosted by the company Versio

Contact details of the website host:

Name: Versio B.V

Address: Reaalhof 64 in NL-Lelystad

Chamber of Commerce: 53309979

VAT: NL 8508.33024.B01

2/9. Intellectual Property and Counterfeit

All information available on the Website is protected by copyright laws. It is strictly forbidden to distribute, reproduce, copy, publish, store, modify or otherwise use, in whole or in part, the information contained therein without obtaining written permission from Hanami.app.

Hanami is the owner of the intellectual property rights and holds the rights of use on all the elements accessible on the website, in particular the texts, images, graphics, logos, videos, architecture, icons and sounds. Any unauthorised use of the site or of any of the elements it contains will be considered as constituting an infringement and will be prosecuted.

3/9. Limitations of liability

Hanami cannot be held responsible for direct and indirect damage caused to the user’s equipment when accessing the https://hanami.app/ website.

Hanami declines all responsibility for the use that may be made of the information and content on https://hanami.app/. Hanami undertakes to secure the https://hanami.app/ site as best it can, however, it cannot be held responsible if undesirable data is imported and installed on its site without its knowledge.

4/9. Protection of personal information

The confidentiality and security of personal information are at the heart of Hanami’s priorities. Therefore, we have implemented rigorous control measures within our organisation to guarantee the protection of your privacy, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The user of the https://hanami.app/ website has the right to access, modify and delete the information collected.

For more information on how we process your data (type of data, purpose, recipient…), read our Privacy and Security Policy

5/9. Responsible use of the Website

You must use the Website responsibly and for the purposes for which it is offered. The following actions or behaviours are prohibited:

  • Violating any applicable law
  • Providing false, misleading or deceptive information
  • Applying on behalf of someone other than yourself or your company
  • Applying under a fictitious name
  • Using a robot or other electronic means to access the Website and collect any or all of its contents
  • Circumventing protective measures designed to prevent or restrict access to any part of the Website
  • Introduce a virus, spam, Trojan horse or any other malicious or harmful technology to the Website, its property or interests or to any other user
  • Disrupt or impair the functionality of the Website or any server or network involved in the operation of the Website. In the event of non-compliance with these rules or any improper use of the Website, Hanami reserves the right to restrict or withdraw your rights to use the Website.

6/9. Links

The https://hanami.app/ website contains hyperlinks to other websites and Hanami accepts no responsibility for these external links or for links created by other websites to https://hanami.app/, as these are subject to their terms of use.

7/9. Technologies used to improve the browsing

Browsing the https://hanami.app/ website may cause cookies to be installed on the user’s computer.

A “cookie” is a small file that records information about a user’s browsing on a site. The data obtained in this way makes it possible to obtain traffic measurements, for example.

Hanami also requires the services of specialised companies that use technologies that enable them to collect information about, among other things, your browser, your system, your preferences, your browsing habits and your IP address. The use of cookies and other technologies is used, among other things, to personalise your use, to determine the behaviour of visitors to its sites and to optimise navigation on its site.

In addition, the terms of use and privacy policies of the service providers with whom Hanami does business for the purposes mentioned in this paragraph apply to your browsing and use of the https://hanami.app/ site.

You have the option of accepting or rejecting cookies by modifying your browser settings. No cookies will be deposited without your consent.

Cookies are stored for a maximum of 3 months.

For more information on how we use cookies, read our https://hanami.app/Politique-cookies

8/9. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

Any dispute relating to the use of the https://hanami.app/ website is subject to Belgian law. Except in cases where the law does not allow it, exclusive jurisdiction is given to the competent Belgian courts.

9/9. Contact

If you have any questions or comments about the use or content of the https://hanami.app/ website, please contact us at workwith@hanami.app