Simplify the complexity

Empower enterprise collaboration through smarter RDF Modeling and Knowledge Graph Management.

Everything you need to edit your knowledge graph

For both experts and beginners

User-friendly user interface

Standards for editing and reviewing data

Data quality for publishing

Automate data modelling and editing tasks

Hanami can dynamically extract a model from a knowledge graph.

Preserve data integrity with secure user access

With Hanami's user rights management system, data confidentiality, integrity, and availability are protected.

Ensure continuous data quality with standards

Based on W3C standards and SHACL, Hanami can guarantee you a high level of data quality.

Intuitive and easy to use interface

The editing interface is designed after a classic form format, streamlining the process of editing the knowledge graph and reducing the risks of mistakes.

Ready to get more?

We strive to empower organisations to harness and use their data even in challenging environments.

Read our report with insights about how Hanami can help your business benefit from Enterprise Knowledge Graph edition and how we believe that collaboration drives the future of Open and Linked Data.