From complexity
to simplicity

Hanami is designed to facilitate the collaborative creation and management of enterprise knowledge graphs.

Easier, faster and smarter!

Everything you would expect to edit your knowledge graph

For both experts and novice users
W3C compliant
Simple and customisable user interface
Data catalogue to harness your entire data ecosystem
Standard processes for editing, reviewing and publishing data
User permissions, history tracking and workflow definitions
One application to cover all your knowledge graphs editing needs
Easier, faster and smarter!

Everything you would expect to edit your knowledge graph

Current semantic web framework

Now it’s a good time to focus on data processing

As organisations scale up in size, so does their data. Even if it becomes cheaper and easier to ingest, store, and transform data, without the right data management strategy, data silos rapidly emerge and complicate productivity and cooperation.

Existing tools provide powerful features to work with enterprise knowledge graphs and RDF. But they require skilled professionals and often lack ease of use, making this process inefficient and inflexible.

That’s why we developed Hanami, a tool suitable for both experts and less technical users, to generate forms for editing RDF graphs based on SHACL documents.

A strategic plan for better data

Hanami simplifies the understanding and use of RDF, making the power of semantics more accessible

Our solution guarantees a very high level of data quality, based on W3C standards, and gives access to RDF graph editing to less technical skilled users: our approach is to automate the creation of data models and data editing in general thanks to SHACL.

We use SHACL to provide both the user interface layout and the data validity constraints.

Our editing interface is built like a “traditional” form which simplifies the knowledge graph editing tasks and minimises errors.

Empowering your team with data

Data is useless if it’s too difficult to be used.

As the volume of data will continue to increase and the sources to be diversified, a data catalogue is essential to enable data professionals to be more productive.

Hanami offers offer you a single overview and deeper visibility of all your enterprise knowledge graph data with a strong catalogue:

  • Search and explore data through a performant search engine
  • Capture knowledge from different sources
  • Gain a holistic view of data assets
  • Secure access defining user permissions
  • Trusted easy access to your enterprise knowledge graph

Hanami offers you a trusted easy access to your entreprise knowledge graph and deeper visibility of all your data

Ready to get more?

Read our report with insights about how Hanami can help your business benefit from enterprise knowledge graph edition and how we believe that collaboration drives the future of open and linked data.

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