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Hanami returns as a sponsor for SEMANTiCS Conference 2023

The SEMANTiCS Conference, now in its impressive 19th edition, stands as a cornerstone of semantic technologies. Scheduled to unfold from September 20 to 22, 2023, in Leipzig, this conference once again promises to unite industry leaders, distinguished researchers, data scientists, information management professionals, and digital transformation experts from across the globe.

This year’s edition is particularly special as it is co-organized with LANGUAGE INTELLIGENCE 2023, offering a platform to unveil the latest advancements in Multilingual Artificial Intelligence, including speech interaction, deep meaning processing, and multilingual communication and cognition.

For the Cognizone and Hanami teams, each iteration of SEMANTiCS is both a homecoming and a chapter in our exhilarating journey. And it brings us immense pleasure to declare our renewed commitment as a sponsor for the 2023 conference.

Our sponsorship goes beyond mere support; it reflects our unwavering dedication to the realm of semantic technologies and knowledge organization systems.

4 sections with all the logos of the sponsors of SEMANTiCS edition of 2023: Gold section with PoolParty, Pantopix, TopQuadrant, Metaphacts. Silver section with the QA company, Ontotext, Gnoss, Iolar, neo4j, RDfox, Cognizone, e2f. Bronze section with RWS. Startup section with Karakun, SP, Triply.

Reflecting on 2022

Last year’s SEMANTiCS Conference was particularly meaningful for Hanami. It was on this esteemed stage that we proudly unveiled our application. This product launch marked the beginning of our journey towards making knowledge organization, semantic technologies, and AI more accessible and user-friendly. The response was overwhelming, as it became evident that Hanami was more than just a tool.

A Passion for Semantic Technologies

As we return as a sponsor for SEMANTiCS 2023, we’re excited to reconnect with old friends and make new ones who share our passion for semantic technologies and data-driven applications. It’s a chance to delve deeper into the ever-evolving landscape of semantics, where insights, innovations, and inspirations abound.

Join Us at SEMANTiCS 2023

If you’re as enthusiastic about semantics as we are, SEMANTiCS Conference 2023 is the place to be. We look forward to exchanging ideas and exploring the boundless possibilities that semantic technologies offer.

Don’t Miss the Chance to Connect with Our Experts:

Agis Papantoniou and William Chelman will be sharing Cognizone’s innovative approaches to implementing #KnowledgeGraphs and demonstrating how the newest version of our solution, Hanami SKOS Edition empowers both enterprises and individuals to effectively manage SKOS-compliant data.

Together, let’s make SEMANTiCS Conference 2023 an unforgettable gathering of minds and a celebration of all things semantic.

More information about SEMANTiCS / Language Intelligence 2023

Date: September 20 to 22, 2023

Venue: HYPERION Hotel Leipzig, Sachsenseite 7, DE-04103 Leipzig



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