Unveiling our secret ingredients

Handling of sh:or for properties that can be of multiple types (e.g. Concepts’ notation)

Limit user access to the workspaces depending on the configuration

skos:ConceptScheme, skos:Collection and skos:Concept handled in dedicated hanami:Collection

Search page and results page with basic filtering options

Forms for large graphs are highly responsive, particularly when it comes to the keyword graph. This means that users can easily manipulate and interact with large and complex data sets without any lag or delay.

Generate automatically Synthetic Data out of SHACL Shapes

Integration of validation of SHACL business constraints
Administrator can configure quick fixes for Editors and URI patterns
Addition of new logging options
Data visualizations and a step-by-step help to configure Hanami
Administrators can create guide tours of the forms and create SHACL to model data

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